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It’s good to be home

“Artistic Home:” A phrase coined in the last 20 years or so. Where can you find it? Like any good home, an artistic home should feel like a safe space that can shelter and nourish you and support your best artistic self.  When Jody and I were running Riverside Theatre, we always tried to create

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“Damn, I want to live HERE!”

If you are lucky and you work in great places out on the road it makes you ponder. “What if…” As an actor and director, I always find the best stuff comes from that simplest of questions. Asking “what if…” in rehearsals leads to discoveries and explore a play from a personal point of view.

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Where’s the air?

THAT was the question I kept asking my first two weeks in Creede, Colorado-elevation 8852′. Just walking up the street to my favorite new restaurant (Arp’s-check it out when you come visit) could have me puffing. After a short period of acclimating, this beautiful little town in the southwest corner of the state feels like

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Away out WEST

I plan to run into the ocean to celebrate . . . So, the journey for summer and fall work begins. I am headed to Creede, Colorado for a three and a half month gig there in the mountains. AND THEN: When I wrap up the final performance of THE HISTORY ROOM by Charlie Thurston,

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On the road….

It’s going to be a great summer. I am so happy to be joining up with some old friends (and new ones too) as I head to Creede Rep in Creede, Colorado for a fifteen week engagement. I will be performing in the world premiere of Charlie Thurston’s extraordinary dark comedy, THE HISTORY ROOM. It’s

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Great theatre & great tacos

On a recent extended trip to California I got to hang out with members of my family who have rejected their midwestern roots and winters.  Not ready to be a snowbird (yet), I did come to understand the allure of winter warmth and if a great gig in warmer winter climes comes along – why

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A word of thanks

Thanks to my son Andrew who got this website up and running for me. I thought I’d have to hire a 12 year old I.T. wizard to construct it, but my own flesh and blood had all the wisdom I needed to enter cyberspace. Drew, you’re the best. (Don’t tell your bros I said that)

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Reflections at 65

I have been working as a professional theater artist for over forty years. I know. It amazes me to think about how long that has been and what it all has meant. I think, more than anything else, it means I am one of the luckiest people I know. If you look at my resume,

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