Reflections at 65

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Reflections at 65

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I have been working as a professional theater artist for over forty years.

I know. It amazes me to think about how long that has been and what it all has meant. I think, more than anything else, it means I am one of the luckiest people I know. If you look at my resume, you can see that I have done what any character actor would consider a list of dream roles.

The works of Arthur Miller, William Shakespeare, Rebecca Gilman, and so many other classical and contemporary playwrights have shaped my career both as an actor and director.

Haven’t I done enough?┬áNo.

Time has become finite in a way it never was in my imagination before I turned 65. Which is a really great age. I have gained confidence, wisdom, and still have an instrument that, with thoughtful tending to the infrastructure, can still deliver fine work. I can still rehearse eight hours a day without falling down.

Unless falling down is what the script demands.

I have the artistic fire and desire to keep working and I look forward to working more; maybe even with you.