Great theatre & great tacos

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Great theatre & great tacos

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On a recent extended trip to California I got to hang out with members of my family who have rejected their midwestern roots and winters.  Not ready to be a snowbird (yet), I did come to understand the allure of winter warmth and if a great gig in warmer winter climes comes along – why say NO to that?

I did see some great theatre out there.  At the San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, fellow Iowa Alum Kevin Harris directed a deeply moving and disturbing Cabaret.  It was grandly gritty with a truly perverse Kit-Kat club, deliberate demoralization of the working class and a terrifying certainty of the rise of the Third Reich.  Beautifully acted and designed, it made me anxious to get back out there and work in SLO again.

Further down the coast, in Los Angeles, another trio of UI alums are getting great notices for a world premiere at the Odyssey Theatre.  The Hinkler twins, Emily and Elizabeth, are turning in great performances in Janet Schlopkahl’s play, My Sister.  This amazing production, which was launched in the L.A. Fringe Festival, explores 1930’s Berlin in a more intimate portrait of twin sisters struggling to survive via the cabaret scene.  A powerhouse of a play that some smart producer should snap up for a movie deal.

The grand finale was a lunch I enjoyed while sitting on the curb in West Hollywood.  Roy Choi is the godfather of the food truck movement in L.A. and his Korean BBQ tacos are a great triumph of food fusion and a bargain – three for $8.00, soft drink included.  Forget the need for fine table settings; get yourself to one his three “Kogi” trucks next time you find yourself out there, but be prepared to stand in line.  There are none better.

Exciting theatre and curbside dining with February temps in the 80’s.  I am one happy Iowan.