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Away out WEST

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I plan to run into the ocean to celebrate . . .
So, the journey for summer and fall work begins. I am headed to Creede, Colorado for a three and a half month gig there in the mountains. AND THEN:
When I wrap up the final performance of THE HISTORY ROOM by Charlie Thurston, it’s over the mountains, through the desert to San Luis Obispo, California (The Happiest City in America-no kidding) where I get to direct WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING.
Two of the most beautiful places in the country, and I get to work in both of them. Plus, they are both terrific theaters that are under great leadership. I mean they are smart enough to hire me, right? And both artistic directors, Jessica Jackson and Kevin Harris respectively, have chosen extraordinary scripts for me to work on.
I’ll be back in Iowa City in time to vote in November.
To work in the American Theatre is a blessing in and of itself, but to be given opportunities like this…. This was well worth waiting for as I planned for this new chapter in my artistic life. Thank you, Theater Gods.