What reviewers and fellow artists say about Ron’s work:

“Ron Clark as Robert is as real a human being as ever took a stage.  Clark embodies the essence of a caregiver, to the point where I started seeing myself in him.” – Review of The History Room Theater Colorado Springs

“Ron is a pleasure to work with. The consummate ensemble player, Ron approaches his work with intelligence and an open heart. I predict his years as a director have made him a strong performer because he’s able to interpret the minutia of a scene while always holding the big picture close by. Ron was a joy to work with in rehearsals for The History Room.” –Pesha Rudnick, Artistic Director-Local Theatre

“From the moment Clark entered the stage as Willy Loman, dressed in an everyday tan suit with two suitcases in hand, he never falters. He captures Willy’s desperation with his struggle to hold on to his job, his inability to cope with reality, and his child-like sense of hope as he dreams about his family’s future.”  – River City Reader, review “Death of a Salesman”

“Ron Clark… Where to start! Ron and Jody are one of the main reasons I am a theater artist today. Ron directed me in my first Shakespeare play, “Twelfth Night” and provided amazing insight into the real craft of classical theater to me as a budding actor and student. Over the years he’s served as a mentor, collaborator, father-figure, and sweet friend. As an artist I have always been impressed with his command of the stage and ability to find intensity in dynamic ways. On stage, he can reel you in with his likability and jovial nature and shock and surprise with turns of the voice and sharpness of intention. He also has an amazing ability to show child-like vulnerability in poignant moments. He’s someone who clearly loves his work and loves sharing it with others. He is one of the lucky ones who’s been able to make art his life’s work.” – Jackson Doran – Member of the Q Brothers in Chicago Shakespeare

“Ron Clark is an Actor who works from his soul. A sincere storyteller who dedicates himself to telling the author’s story.” ~Theodore Swetz, Director of actor training, University of Missouri Kansas City

“Working with Ron Clark was one of the best experiences I’ve had. He takes the playwright’s words and translates them to the stage with integrity and vision. Sometimes I feel there is a directors drought in the country, Ron is a wonderful oasis. ” ~ William Missouri Downs, Playwright

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Ron for over a decade on a diverse range of work – from solo performances to Shakespeare. Ron represents the best kind of actor a director can hope for as he’s a consummate collaborator and simply one of the finest people I know. He asks tough questions about the play and production, he demands only the best of himself and the process, and he never settles for the easy choice.” ~ Kristin Horton, Assoc. Professor New York University, Artistic Director Gallatin Arts Festival

“Ron was one of my first Artistic Directors; since 2004, I have worked directed under his Artistic Leadership 5 times (the last time being an original play that Ron wrote.) As a teacher and artistic leader, Ron is exceptional; he has the ability to immediately create an incredibly safe, fun, creative, bullshit-free environment that always brings out the best in the artists lucky enough to work with him. Recently Ron was a guest director at my theatre for a production of How I Learned to Drive with a cast of local actors ranging in experience from novice to equity professional. He can work with anyone – a consummate teacher whose deep and genuine love for theatre and the act of creating proves to be infectious to all around him. He inspires everyone around him to be a better artist.” ~ Kevin Harris, Artistic Director of San Luis Obispo Little Theatre

“Ron is deeply committed to his dual role as artist and teacher. When he is directing a production he brings life, humor, and instills confidence in those around him. As a mentor, Ron successfully identifies and works to hone the talents of actors and designers alike to create strong theatre professionals. In doing so, his projects are strong narratives with detailed visions that have a lasting impact on the artists involved. I would not be the artist I am today, had Ron not believed in my abilities and worked to get me to understand them. Many of us in the profession today owe much of our start to this man. Ron is also a fearless actor. He embraces all roles with tenacity and dedication. He inspires fellow actors through his humility and enduring belief that each role is a fresh opportunity to practice the craft of acting. This skill serves him well as a director as he is able to empathize with the process and subsequent anxieties of the actor.” ~Juliana Kleist-Mendez, Mentee

“Last year Riverside Theatre produced my play Lucky Me. Ron Clark played the role of Leo — which I think I can say is one of my favorite characters that I’ve written. I’m not sure where the character came from — he is an amalgam of many people I’ve known over the years. There are times when you see a performance of one of your plays, and, while you recognize the story and the characters, and everything has a ring of familiarity, there is also something that is not quite of your imagining, and it is slightly disheartening. But there are other times, when an actor “gets” the role you have written even more intimately than you do … they interpret and offers moments of breathtaking invention that you could not have even conceived were possible. In those rare moments, you experience something that perhaps comes closest to an out of body experience for a writer. You are watching yourself watch your play from both the inside and the outside, for the thousandth time and for the very first time. The surprises that await you, outdistance the predictability of what you know is coming. It is the greatest moment for a playwright, and it’s the reason one becomes a playwright rather than a novelist or a poet — the group sharing. This is what I have to say about Ron’s work as an actor. I hope many more playwrights get the opportunity to experience what I did.” ~ Playwright Robert C. Caisley